Our Services

  • Manufacturing of Boiler water treatment, Piping Systems, Gas piping Systems etc.
  • Design and manufacturing of Powder Blenders, Semisolid Mixers. (Ribbon Blenders)
  • Design and manufacturing of Screw and Belt Conveyors. (Nylon, PVC SS)
  • Manufacturing of Jacketed and Insulated vessels and reactors as ASME code.
  • Manufacturer of Rotary Valves, Food Processing Kettles.
  • Manufacturing of Reactors. (Limpet, Jacketed, Folded, dimple etc.)
  • Manufacturing of storage tanks for Acids, chemical, Methanol etc.
  • Fabrication of Silo, Scrubber housing, Torque housing, rotary valves, Gas Skids, Chimney, Plant Ducting.
  • Fabrication of all types of piping works for Water treatment, oil, Gas Industry
  • Manufacturing of Dump Tanks, Mixing Tanks, Heating Tanks.
  • Fabrication of Preheaters, Gas to gas heat exchangers.
  • Mechanical Design as per customer requirements.

our services

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